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November, 28 2000       08:10:31 PM CET
Thomas S Uhlich
Tong 422 this is Tay Ninh Tower Power over.

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November, 25 2000       07:12:45 AM CET
Charles Taliaferro
To all of you military veterans and your families, have a Happy Thanksgiving season from all of us at the Kitchen Table Gang at http://taliaferro.net/veterans  Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you made for our freedom. We cannot praise you enough for all you have done and endured. GOD bless you all!

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November, 17 2000       10:19:23 PM CET
Pat Buers
2nd. Avn, Orleans France, 1963-1965, 54th Avn, Vung Tau, Vietnam, 1965-1966

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November, 15 2000       06:20:23 PM CET
Vietnam 65-67 (ACFT MECH) Saigon 56 TRANS CO. "FIND EM- FIX EM- FLY EM"  Next Tour Vietnam 10 Dec 69 thru 9 Jul 71. Crew Chief on U-1A Photo Ship with the 54TH Otter Air Service (BIG DADDY). My home base now is Naples, FL

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November, 13 2000       06:07:59 PM CET
John A. Agnew, J.D.
For anyone in Army Aviation suggest you buy Ralph B. Young's series of Army Aviation in Vietnam. Excellent coverage of all the Otter and Caribou outfits. The books go by years, 1963-1966 I bought as this is during the time when I was in Vietnam.

Host: user-2injl46.dialup.mindspring.com
November, 13 2000       05:59:38 PM CET
John A. Agnew, J.D.
Served with the 11th Air Assault, Ft Benning 1965, 260th TC Det, Soc Trang 1965 and Can Tho 1966. Attached to the 134th Avn Co at the same locations. Like to hear from anyone I served with. I live in Royal Oak, MI 48067-3132. (248) 546-7808

Host: assured-01-74.la.networkone.net
November, 09 2000       11:20:08 PM CET
Edward M. Lopez
Nice website. Never worked on them but like them planes just the same. Keep them flying guys.

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November, 02 2000       11:34:40 AM CET
John M. Terrell
Caribou mechanic in B Co. 170th Avn Maint Bn, and 254th Avn Support Co. at Ft. Benning from Mar 1964 to DEC. 31 1966. Supported the 134th Avn. Co. and the 516th Avn. Co.

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October, 25 2000       01:27:34 PM CET
Bill Comrey
Your website is well done. Where have all the Caribous migrated to? I'm a Vietnam Veteran of the 21st Signal Aviation Detachment, Nha Trang Airbase, 1969. We had one Otter in our fixed wing division. It was a special plane to our unit and men.

Host: spider-tj053.proxy.aol.com
October, 20 2000       01:29:24 PM CET
Mark LeMire
You have a great sight. My Father-in-law, Donald Couvillion (West point '61) Flew both planes in Vietnam. He was a great friend and had great stories. Unfortunately, he passed away 5 years ago. He would have loved to participate in your organization.

Host: 212-166-150-154.red-acceso.airtel.net
October, 10 2000       01:57:32 AM CET
Carlos M�rquez de la Plata Avil�s
I am a caribou spanish pilot in a company that flies DCH-4A

Host: pppa15-resalepensacola2-3r7051.saturn.bbn.com
October, 02 2000       10:02:05 AM CET
James A Bell
Need to reword the intro. The P2 data needs to be added.

Host: d206.as0.gylr.mi.voyager.net
September, 06 2000       05:49:18 AM CET
William C. Brown
Flew with the 54th 9/68 to 9/69 Vung Tau and Saigon Sect. Also TDY to 2nd /Sig Bde Jan Feb & Mar 69. Known in the 54th as W-Zero. Then to the 12th at Fairbanks 10/69 to 2/72. Both great assignments with outstanding professionalism among fellow unit members

Host: spider-wg021.proxy.aol.com
August, 25 2000       09:40:48 PM CET
Orville L. Shreve
Flt Plt leader 54th Avn Co Mar69-Mar 70 Would like to hear from other unit members.

Host: stm-44-26.tm.net.my
August, 25 2000       10:28:03 AM CET
Captain Kalam bin Pie RMAF
Well done. This is a great site especially to those who had first hand experience with the Caribous and Otters. Let's make this site known to the world.

Host: spider-wn023.proxy.aol.com
August, 10 2000       08:08:36 PM CET
Major John M Holihan, USAR Ret
18th Avn Co, Nha Trang, 1969. "Seagulls"

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